Racial Equity

Racial equity is important in today's world, and recent events have prompted more awareness and movement toward equality via the Black Lives Matter and other social movements. People may be wondering how they can offer support to their Black friends, coworkers, and others impacted by racism. The following sections offer further information about how to talk about racism at work, talking with your children, coping with trauma, and how you can support greater equality in society.

Talking About Race

While people may be unsure how to begin, a sensitive, honest conversation can often be a good place to start. If you think this may be appropriate in your situation, the following articles and links offer some talking points that may help:

This online seminar is a discussion on thoughts and feelings about the current unrest associated with racial inequality: Social Injustice: An Open Dialogue

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Talking to Your Children About Racism

Additionally, many parents and caregivers are asking themselves how to talk to their children. The following articles and resource links may help:

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Coping with Racial Trauma

Finally, the current events and recent acts of violence events may have brought up renewed trauma and other intense emotions for many. The following may offer mental health support for those dealing with racism-based trauma as well as general trauma and PTSD:

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How to Support

The following resources share how you can support the Black Lives Matter movement, including supporting Black businesses, charities, the arts, and other organizations:

Online History, Arts, Events, and Culture

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