COVID-19 Support—Creating a Positive Learning and Working Environment

Recent challenges across the world have transformed the way that people live. For parents, this has resulted in a need to radically change their usual working habits; accommodating the needs of their children alongside their professional responsibilities within the confines of the home. The domestic environment has become the home office, the school, and the playground. As such, for many, it can be extremely difficult to strike the right balance between meeting the needs of the family and their job while still managing their own wellbeing.

This session will help attendees to reestablish that sense of balance and introduce strategies to help them feel more in control and able to fulfil their multiple roles. It will look at how to create a home environment and schedule where children can discover, learn, grow, and thrive, and parents can meet the needs of their working role. Participants attending this session learn how to

  • Balance conflicting demands and responsibilities
  • Implement strategies for helping children adapt to the new norm
  • Explore ways to create an effective schedule for meeting the needs of all the family
  • Establish ways to help children learn and grow
  • Learn tips for supporting the varying needs of the family

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(Please note that a completion certificate is not provided for this Online Seminar.)

This session is aligned with the handbook Resuming School During COVID-19: A Resource Guide for Parents:

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