COVID-19 Info

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a worldwide pandemic that has disrupted daily life. Stay-at-home or quarantine orders have closed many workplaces, while asking more of those in essential industries. Things keep changing as the situation changes. A few weeks ago, many people were adapting to working from home. Soon, returning to the workplace will require that many readjust to that environment. The goal of this page is help keep readers informed and provide tools to strengthen emotional resilience and preparedness for this turbulent time.

The following information is organized into several subsections of further resources. Feel free to scroll down, or click a link to jump to a specific topic:


These reliable sources report on the pandemic's current status:

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Physical Health

People are encouraged to follow the advice of their provincial and national governments, local public health authorities, and health care providers. These websites and articles provide reputable information on your physical health and what is currently known about the virus:

Canada Government Guidance

Global Guidance

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Emotional Health

Visit the Link opens in a new windowAware Mindfulness Channel to access short, audio mindfulness exercises that will help you focus, release tension, and "reset" for improved wellbeing. Although the channel text is in English, sessions are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, and Italian. (Please note that although the Aware Mindfulness web page lists these as Featured Videos, they are in fact audio files. We are repurposing a video tool to provide this audio to you.)

The following articles and resources may help you identify and acknowledge the emotions you may be experiencing and offer practical suggestions for coping:

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Coping with Lockdown

These resources offer tips on how to keep mentally and physically well while stuck at home, how to stay productive at work, handy online resources and other tips that may be helpful while under quarantine:

Working from Home

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Families and Parenting

This links to tips on how to balance family responsibilities, including having your children home from school, caring for elderly or disabled loved ones, and how to juggle these competing priorities when you also have to work:

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Financial Tips

The following information offers tips on budgeting and coping with potential redundancy, slowdown, or temporary layoff from work for you, your partner, or others you may know. It also offers links to government support:

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Online Events

These customized online seminars have been created by your employee assistance programme (EAP) to help you manage with the unique challenges presented during this time:

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Back to Work

Here are some resources to help transition workplaces back into the "new normal" after COVID-19, including tips on how to support emotional health and physical safety:

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