COVID-19 Info

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life across the globe. The past years have presented people with health challenges, social distancing regulations, and changes to routines and business practices. Whether you have returned to normal routines or not, there is no denying that life has changed permanently; virtual and hybrid working practices are here to stay. People may be exhausted trying to keep up with the changing situation after nearly two years of uncertainty. This page provides tools to strengthen emotional resilience throughout this evolving situation.

The following information is organized into several subsections of further resources. Feel free to scroll down, or click a link to jump to a specific topic:

Vaccine Info

VaccineFinder, by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), allows you to search within a certain radius of a zip code, and it will also tell you if doses are in stock or not.
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Physical Health

In addition to advice from local and national governments, public health authorities, and health care providers, these websites and articles provide tips to keep you safe and healthy:

Info from Mayo Clinic

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Emotional Health

Visit the Link opens in a new windowAware Mindfulness Channel to access short, audio mindfulness exercises that will help you focus, release tension, and "reset" for improved wellbeing. Although the channel text is in English, sessions are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, and Italian. (Please note that although the Aware Mindfulness web page lists these as Featured Videos, they are in fact audio files. We are repurposing a video tool to provide this audio to you.)

The following articles and resources may help you identify and acknowledge the emotions you may be experiencing and offer practical suggestions for coping:

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Working During the Pandemic

This pandemic has prompted an increase in virtual workplaces, with larger numbers of employees working from home more of the time. Workplaces that are open have stricter virus-control procedures in place. These resources offer tips for employees and managers on how to stay productive and motivated in this environment:

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Financial Tips

The following information offers tips on budgeting and coping with potential loss, slowdown, or temporary layoff from work for you, your partner, or others you may know:

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Families, Caregiving, and Parenting

Many families have had to adjust to new regulations and limitations of schools, child care, and elder care provisions during the pandemic, as well as added pressure from being confined in the same space for longer than usual. These articles and resource may help you balance the competing priorities of family and caregiving:

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Grief and Disappointment

These articles and resources may help you cope with unexpected grief you may experience as a result of the pandemic:

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Online Events

These online seminars may help you manage the unique challenges presented during this time. (Note: If video does not play automatically, click "Play" icon on bottom of the media player.)

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